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"Baby, I'm electrifying!" "ELECTRIFYING!!!"
―1010, with one member leading the group before the others following, to Bunk Bed Junction

1010 is a boy band comprising of robots, megastars within NSR, and the charters of the Metro Division District who represents the funky house EDM genre. They are assisted by their manager and creator Neon J. during the 5th boss fight in No Straight Roads.


1010 is the boyband group made by Neon J. Their motif is a navy crew. They're the third generation of 1010 models, made to be more human-like in appearance. If one member of the band gets destroyed, it is reproduced by Neon J.'s factory.


All members of 1010 have grey skin and wear black sailor suits with white highlights, colored glowing lights on their cheeks, and colored ties. Each has his unique hairstyle, eyebrows, eye shape and color scheme.

The red android has a mohawk, the white android has short wavy hair, the blue android has straight hair and an undercut, the yellow android has a tall pointed hairstyle and bangs covering his right eye, and the green android has curly hair and a large hoop on his head. The blue android wears round black sunglasses.

When damaged from the factory explosion, their faces become "melted", revealing the endoskin which resembles a dark-blue flayed human head with bare teeth and exposed circuits. Their eyes and mouth begin to glow with their respective colors, and their voices become distorted.


All members of 1010 share the same charismatic and flirtatious personality, flirting with girls and breaking out into harmony with other members when they talk or do anything. They crave the attention of other people, which feeds into their systems; giving them a boost in power when cheered, to simply self-destructing when they fail to please them. While not shown in game, their individual personalities were based on popular tropes in boy bands. White is "the main guy", Red is "the bad boy", Blue is "the cool guy", Yellow is "the young/innocent one", and Green is "the funny/weird one".


Neon J.

Neon J. is their creator, manager, and captain. If one member of the band gets destroyed, they're hastily remade with his factory.


1010 is never seen directly interacting with the other NSR artists, but they are the ones to judge Mayday and Zuke's performance rather than Neon J. during the Lights Up Audition.

Bunk Bed Junction

Mayday is a massive fan of 1010, even being tricked by their flirtatious talking at the beginning of the battle. She continues to consider not fighting during the fight and wanting to spend time with 1010 instead, even to the point of apologizing during the Showstopper.

Zuke never shows any real hostility towards them, but his general beliefs regarding music lead to him not finding them so appealing, as they are manufactured to be as good as possible rather than having a real spark.

Boss Battle

The battle is stated to take place within Barraca Mansion, but takes place on a limo/ship flying incredibly fast down a highway. 1010 begins the fight by flirting with Mayday, who falls victim to their charms. The real fight begins after.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is likely the simplest of all the phases in the game. The five 1010 robots all remain in one place, firing in multiple patterns to the beat of the music, with the final two bullets being counterable. The counterable shots are fired by first the Red android, then the White android, and this applies to every time they're told to fire.They will attack like this endlessly until you destroy 1 of the robots, where Neon J will fly down on top of his flying factory and produce another copy.

Phase 2

1010 will now have shields, meaning that you cannot attack them directly (outside of counter bullets). They will perform a variety of actions during this phase:

  • They will form in a line as they did similar to Phase 1 and fire. The counter opportunities remain the same
  • They will form a different line, then take off to the sky, producing explosions marked by crosshairs when they land. Their shields will be lowered during this time, meaning you can wail on them and destroy the copies

They will cycle through these for a while, until they perform a selfie. Before taking the picture (which also brings back the shields) they will be open to attack and destruction. They also stand near some Transformables you can use. After this, Neon J returns with his factory, and you can wail on him with bullets or a few special moves. Repeat these steps until you do enough damage to active the next phase.

Phase 3

The destruction of the factory will remove all of the features of the 1010 robots. They will attack as they did in the previous phase, but now without their shields lowering. Once they go for the selfie, the audience becomes frightened by their current forms and they detonate. The phase ends automatically.

Phase 4

Now standing atop his Flying Factory (as it now has robotic legs and some sensational dance moves), Neon J attacks you directly this phase with a variety of attacks based on the color he shows on the Factory's spinner. Note that White will never appear.

  • If the spinner turns Red ("Preemptive Strike"), Neon J will pull out a pair of Red androids as buzzsaws and charge directly at the player. This can be dodged by either using the dodge button or baiting him in one direction
  • If the spinner turns Green ("Securing the Perimeter"), Neon J unleashes a barrage of explosions made from the Green android's hair in a set pattern. There is a chance that these will be pink and counterable. More explosives are added on higher difficulties.
  • If the spinner turns Yellow ("Collateral Damage"), Neon J will fire a Yellow android in the center of the arena, or a straight line, with a large blast radius.
  • If the spinner turns Blue ("Attack"), Neon J will spin polearms made from Blue androids around like a top, moving in a clockwise direction starting at the upper left side of the stage.

After all of these attacks, bullets will scatter on the stage depending on the attack, and you can use these if countering the few opportunities you have is too hectic. He cannot be damaged by Melee Attacks. Finally bring down his health here, and all it takes is one Showstopper to finally end him and 1010 off, even if Mayday is not entirely happy about doing it.



Lights Up Auditions

1010 were judging Mayday and Zuke for their rock music performance, which they find it outlandish for the Lights Up Auditions.


Vs. Bunk Bed Junction

The battle begins with 1010 flirting with Mayday, who falls for it. She continues to defend them throughout the fight, even after they destroy the factory machine and reveal the robotic endoskeletons underneath their attractive appearance.

After defeating them and Neon J, Neon J assumes that they are there to finish off him or his men, to which they reply that they don't care about that. Neon J begins talking about his war history and grows annoyed when Mayday and Zuke simply walk away without listening.


  • Each character has an underlying trope that corresponds with their music genre. 1010, as a whole, represents the monotony of K-Pop bands and how, to an outsider, each member of the band can easily be replaced.
  • Although they have no official names, there are signed plaques that can be seen in the game as you explore the Metro Division. Although the names (Rin, Haym, Eloni, Purlhew, Zimelu) are not confirmed to be their true names, the fans choose to call them by that.
    • In a recent stream, 1010's VA claimed (likely jokingly) that he would name the white-haired 1010 member Walter White if he could.
  • The early version of 1010's boss fight after DJ Subatomic Supernova's first demo have their eyes and clothing highlights glow white. These were placeholders for their official models.
  • A large passage of the 1010's song can be found at this video about the No Straight Roads gameplay made by The Magic Rain.
  • 1010 are the last prominent characters to have their designs revealed. Their character designs haven't been revealed after Eve's until the originally planned release date of No Straight Roads has finally been announced.[5]
  • The name of the band, "1010", also happens to be the binary representation for the decimal number "10".
  • The group, music and appearance-wise, are inspired by real-life K-Pop boy bands.
  • Their prelude theme is called "Backstreet Sync" which is a reference to the Backstreet boys and NSYNC.
  • It is implied at the credits that out of all the members, the green android hardly gets love letters from fans, if at all. This was a reference to how the "funny guys" of k-pop groups often don't get as much fan attention.
  • Mayday and Zuke's album of 1010 in the European and Switch versions of NSR, Mayday was driving a car running over 1010, however, in the PS version, it was Zuke driving a moped while Mayday was riding while crying, and 1010 flying around.
  • The red and green droids 'hair' resembles the number 10. However, they also resemble the symbol 'off/on' or I/O.
  • All 5 1010 members wear sailor suits, fitting the navy motif that Neon J and the stage emphasize. The factory portion could also be a reference to how indispensable soldiers are. What's also unique is that the military theme is similar to BTS's fanbase, the ARMY.
    • Their home, Baracca Mansion, could also be a reference to barracks, a building used to house soldiers or workers.
    • This might also be a reference to the fact that South Korean males are required to serve in the army for two years.
    • This could even be a reference to The Simpsons episode New Kids on the Blecch, where it involved a boy band giving subliminal messages through many songs on joining the Navy.
  • Even though the game labels 1010's base genre as funky house, James Landino's labels it as synth-pop.
  • On the right side of the blue droid's head, 1010 is printed on.
  • In the animated 1010 short, it is shown that the green droid knows how to dab and finger heart.
  • Off camera, the white member can be seen to be the only one to have a face expression and injury (right leg broken off from knee) from the fight after being defeated.
  • The Bio Tactical Shield unlocked after their battle is likely a reference to BTS.
  • 1010's fight was purposefully put between Yinu's and Eve's as a break from the emotional scenes.
  • Green (Eloni), revealed in a Twitter post from the NSR page, would give a piggy ride to a fan if they sent him fan mail.
  • Their album cover is a reference to one of the album covers for The Beatles, Abbey Road.
  • One the taller version of 1010's mural is a second blue droid, why it was added there is unknown.
  • When confronting 1010, starting from the end of Mayday's first beckon, the time it took for them to respond to her was exactly ten seconds.


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